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    We excel at difficult challenges, in fact we thrive on it.

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designs Built Intelligently
Welcome to dBi

Intelligent Design is the driving principle of our company, and benefits you, our customer :

  • If you are going to fly on it, or rely on it to protect you.
  • If your first responder or doctor is going to talk/communicate on it

Then it absolutely should be intelligently designed.

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From the raw materials and their certification to the smart fabrication of piece parts, through efficient construction and optimum order of assembly…to the final shipping and packaging to ensure the product arrives in the same pristine condition that it achieved in the final steps of our production run.
From the janitorial staff to the CEO, all work is valued - all have good ideas – diversity is an asset.
It does exist. …we seek the best in all we do...every day…at the core of what we do and why we do it, is a belief that an optimum design exists for any challenge/solution set.
We all mutually cooperate to perform optimal work, contributions come from a multidisciplined team:
  • • Mechanical (structure, stresses, etc.)
  • • Thermal (heat flow, metallurgical effects, etc.)
  • • Chemical (galvanic action, corrosive environments, etc.)
  • • Electromagnetic (optimal guidance of radio waves, etc.)
A perfect path exists to bring a design together – we all humbly strive and work with determined, relentless, passionate pursuit of our goals.
Direct Beam Incorporated (dBi) designs and manufactures custom, high performance antenna solutions for military and high-end commercial applications.   Starting with exacting customer requirements, dBi develops unique, cost-effective solutions from inception through full production.
<br>The Possibilities are endless…

The Possibilities are endless…

Find out how we can Help Make Your Project a Success. Let’s work it together !

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