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Our Experience:

Is founded on the maturity of the Land Mobile Communications Market, that gave birth to the worldwide cellular industry and supported it through its infancy, beginning in the mid 80’s.

Hundreds of our designs have been supporting global communications for decades, including:

  • Isolators, harmonic filters
  • Cavity combiners, duplexers, and window filters
  • Hybrid couplers, and cross band couplers
  • Omnidirectional antennas, low gain to high from 150 MHz to 3 GHz and directional panels

These veteran products have been installed in every continent and faithfully been serving for decades, built and delivered by one of the most respected heritage suppliers.
This legacy included the widest product offering of any company of its kind in its day.

Continued experience is drawn from key positions at the top three antenna companies in terms of world market share, as Senior Design Engineer, Technical/Engineering Lead of all US manufacturing, and Filter/Antenna Designer.

Our experience has prepared us for the latest accomplishments which have been achieved with a highly respected Government Contractor where we demonstrated the following design characteristics and received notable recognition.

• Conceived, designed, and constructed large count (>100) passive directional arrays up to Ku band (>15 GHz) at greater than 90% efficiency (<0.4 dB loss from input connector up to and including radiation).
• High power (2kW) simultaneous RH,LH, CP space network antenna feed for very demanding customer requirement, exceeding specifications with excellent AR, and axial symmetry.
• Extremely rugged directional US Navy antenna, which survived light hammer blow shock test (can exceed 400g of shock) with flying colors, fully functional after test, not even a blemish to show, extreme side lobe suppression (>40 dB).
• Low Cost, demonstrated in successful design-to-cost effort, for what is now a deployed Ground communication system, reduced cost by over 90% and improved gain by 3 dB, essentially 2X performance increase while driving down cost by 10X.
• Multiband, 50:1 VHF to over 5 GHz - communication mast antenna array for submersible vessel, including radome design and construction.
• Excellent, build-to-simulation agreement, (CST, 3D full wave electromagnetic simulation) verified with multiple world-class, state of the art antenna ranges. Gain verified to be within 0.1 dB of expectation and primary side lobes within 1.0 dB.
• Engineering talent was recognized with “Individual Contributor Award”, a highly respected award presented for engineering excellence to a select few, chosen out of many thousands of engineers within the company.
Our Excellence:

Applies to all areas of Product Management, from product conception, selection of the correct technology, and real-world knowledge to support a profitable and secure path for the full lifetime of the product.

We design with the manufacturing process in mind, in fact we design the manufacturing process to fit the actual product design; these two major contributors shape the concurrent design process, at the same time take full consideration of all the other relevant disciplines.

We are experts in Design for Manufacturability, we maintain our own fully equipped machine shop fabrication facility for quick prototype production. We believe in the agility obtained by being hands on, and find our expert mechanical aptitude an invaluable asset when conceptualizing the physical design of passive/active RF circuits.

We understand intimately Quality Management and bring the best in class applications to ensure that only excellence is delivered.

So, bring us your needs, your dreams, and your desire to excel, and we will make a plan to make it happen.

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